The PR Warrior Show is an audio version of the YouTube show of the same name. It features veteran public relations consultant and marketing speaker – TREVOR YOUNG aka ‘The PR Warrior’ – as he explores the power of human connection in marketing today and how content, conversation and community can help build your brand and your business.

In this second episode of the new season of The PR Warrior Show, I chat with Dial M for Media‘s Danny Matthews about live video streaming and digital news content. Danny and I have collaborated for a number of years now. Firstly, we focused on the bulk production of video using a combination of iPhones and iPads. More lately though, we’ve been producing live-streamed video broadcasts for Facebook, which can then be repurposed for YouTube, and cut-up further for other social channels (Twitter, Instagram).

The PR Warrior Show is back, and we’re kicking off this new season with an audio version of the video broadcast of the launch of Trevor Young’s new book – Content Marketing for PR. It’s mainly a question-and-answer session, first with the host Steve Vallas asking questions of Trevor, and then members of the audience providing comments and asking questions.


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