Social media planning & execution

Social courses through our veins here at Digital Citizen. Quite literally it touches everything we do!

Agency principal Trevor Young has long been an active participant in, and passionate advocate of, social media for business from the very early days (if every digital year is like a dog year, that would be something like 70+ years!). Indeed, Trevor has written a book on social media, commissioned by one of the world’s biggest business publishers, John Wiley & Sons.

If we have a ‘true north’ when it comes to social media, it is to ensure our clients use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the like  in smart, creative and genuine ways to deliver defined value to their organisation.

We can help you in a number of ways:

  • social media ‘listening’ – monitoring, gathering of insights
  • social media strategy planning
  • social media policy and guidelines
  • social content development and creation
  • social media tactical supoport.

We also provide bespoke social media training packages for senior executives, business leaders and PR and communications teams.

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