REPUTATION REVOLUTION is the podcast for professional experts and aspiring thought leaders. Join Trevor Young aka ‘The PR Warrior’ as he explores how motivated individuals can strategically build visibility, influence and trust in today’s reputation economy.  Produced by Digital Citizen.

“A great podcast that gives an insight into how you can protect, grow and build your brand. Highly recommend it!” – Charles Badenach

100a The authentic thought leader: Unleashing the power of purpose

In part one of Reputation Revolution’s 100th episode, host Trevor Young delves into the vaults to bring us four previous guests who inspired us with their thoughts, ideas and stories around authenticity in personal branding and the importance of thought leaders being aligned to their purpose. This episode features comments from past guests Richard Sauerman, Karen

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099 – TLT – Create real-time content with these mobile apps

One social media trend that emerged last year and continues to gain traction in 2016 is video live-streaming via mobile app. In this Thought Leader Thursday riff, Trevor Young explains the lay of the land when it comes to video live-streaming via mobile device and the opportunities it provides from a personal branding perspective. Trevor

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098 Storytelling for thought leaders with Shawn Callahan

Shawn Callahan is one of the world’s leading business storytelling consultants and the founder of the consultancy, Anecdote. He works around the globe helping leaders find and tell stories so their message is clear and memorable. Shawn is also the author of the new book, Putting Stories to Work. In this chat with Trevor Young, Shawn explains how

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095 – TLT – The one advantage of blogging (that only bloggers are aware of)

It’s Thought Leader Thursday – in this episode, the PR Warrior Trevor Young explains the importance of blogging for professional subject matter experts wanting to raise their profile and grow their influence and reputation in the marketplace. There are a number of advantages blogging provides, he says, including one side benefit in particular that gets scant attention

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092 The power of relationships in business: Unpacking Darrel Griffin’s LinkedIn Manifesto

Darrel Griffin is a business social media mentor who creates customer-focused LinkedIn training that helps companies and solopreneurs win more business. Darrel discusses with Trevor Young a manifesto he has written specifically for his use of LinkedIn in 2016. The interview takes a philosophical turn when Trevor and Darrel dive into the broader topic of how best to do business in today’s digital

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091 TLT – The awesome role thought leaders play in our community

It’s Thought Leader Thursday! Reputation Revolution host Trevor Young – aka The PR Warrior – bristles at some of the criticism ‘thought leadership’ attracts in the marketplace. While he understands why many people don’t like the term thought leader, equally he wants us to embrace the concept of thought leadership and all it stands for, saying the

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090 The media comes calling … now what? Interview with Simon Mossman

Simon Mossman is a business growth adviser with specialist skills in corporate communications, media and public relations. Following a long and varied career as a journalist, videographer, photographer, today Simon – through his business Mossman Media – advises and trains business owners, senior executives and solo professionals on how to deal effectively with the ‘gatekeepers’ of traditional media. In

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