REPUTATION REVOLUTION is the podcast for professional experts and aspiring thought leaders. Join Trevor Young aka ‘The PR Warrior’ as he explores how motivated individuals can strategically build visibility, influence and trust in today’s reputation economy.  Produced by Digital Citizen.

“A great podcast that gives an insight into how you can protect, grow and build your brand. Highly recommend it!” – Charles Badenach

112 Beginning your thought leader journey with the CXpert, Ben Motteram

Ben Motteram aka the ‘CXpert’ has over 20 years’ experience focussing on the acquisition and retention of customers in highly competitive industries; he helps businesses consistently deliver a level of service that surpasses expectations. In this chat with Trevor Young, Ben explains how he has spent the past couple of years building a strategic professional platform that in turn has

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110 Reach > Act > Convert > Engage: Digital marketing with Beth Powell

Over the past ten years, Beth Powell has become the go-to person for clear explanations about how to use digital marketing to grow businesses. Beth started out with an online business 16 years ago and through trial and error learnt how to market that business online. It’s still going strong. She regularly travels around the

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109 Email marketing for thought leaders with Michelle Falzon, founder of We Are Content

Michelle Falzon is the founder of We Are Content, a specialty content marketing consultancy that delivers strategic, content-centric digital conversion funnels for thought leaders such as speakers, authors, consultants and coaches as well as for business owners looking to position themselves as experts in their industries. Michelle’s marketing campaigns and strategies have involved the sending of

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108 An introduction to virtual summits with Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland is the founder of the Business Building Rockstar Summit, which introduces service-based entrepreneurs to powerful marketing strategies and actionable steps that can help them get their message out in a BIG way.   Nicole, who is also a podcaster, introduces the concept of the virtual summit and explains her philosophy of providing value and developing

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107 Building omnipresence in the marketplace (Part 3 – PROPULSION)

Trevor Young aka The PR Warrior discusses the ‘propulsion’ phase of how professional experts and aspiring thought leaders can fast-track their presence in the marketplace. Following on from last week’s program execution session (episode 106) and the planning episode before it (105), Trevor walks us through a number of activities that can be undertaken to put a rocket under your personal

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106 Building omnipresence in the marketplace Part 2 (PROGRAM)

Trevor Young aka The PR Warrior discusses the program execution aspect of how professional experts and aspiring thought leaders can build omnipresence for their personal brand in the marketplace using a combination of owned, earned and social media. Following on from last week’s planning session (episode 105), Trevor walks us through the importance of developing a pipeline of content,

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105 Building omnipresence in the marketplace for your thought leader brand (Part 1 – PLANNING)

Trevor Young aka The PR Warrior discusses the planning aspect for how professional experts and aspiring thought leaders can build omnipresence in the marketplace. In this intensive session, Trevor outlines the core planning elements, including understanding your purpose; the need to probe for deeper insights; positioning your personal brand and what that entails; who are the people you’re trying

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103 How to grow a super-engaged audience on Facebook with Kerri Sackville

Author and blogger Kerri Sackville has built a loyal and engaged following on social media, particularly Facebook. While many individuals (‘personal brands’) despair over the ever-diminishing organic reach of their Facebook Brand Pages, Kerri’s Facebook updates consistently generate considerable engagement (likes, comments, shares etc), while her quirky short videos attract up to 5000 views (not bad considering her Facebook

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102 Authenticity and the power of opinion with creative director, Stanley Johnson

Stanley Johnson is a well-respected advertising creative director who blogs and tweets under the handle ‘BrandDNA’. A former weights and measures inspector who derives inspiration from pop culture and music in particular, Stanley manages to keep himself relevant in an ever-evolving industry through blogging and social media. In this wide-ranging chat with Trevor Young, Stanley discusses curiosity, creativity and

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101 Preparing to write your first business book with Jaqui Lane

Jaqui Lane aka ‘The Book Adviser’ is a corporate storyteller, business historian, biographer and book coach who helps businesses and individual consultants capture, publish and sell their stories or IP as a printed book or across digital and social platforms. Writing a business book involves a lot of research, interviewing and exploring, reading, taking notes, listening and

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