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The importance of developing a culture of content in your organisation

For an organisation to effectively become its own media channel, it’s important to (over time) start developing a culture of content internally. Creating content should not just be the responsibility of one team – everyone should have the chance to contribute ideas for stories that help build and reinforce an organisation’s external narrative. This is

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Filling the white space

At one point, our professional personal brands are surrounded by a lot of ‘white space’. Your personal brand is “what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – people’s collective experience of having come into contact with you over time and formed an opinion as a result. Early days there is probably

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Are you a corporate chest-beater?

One of the key tenets of content marketing is to put your audience first and create content that’s of interest and relevance to them.  This is well-established best practice that has been reinforced time and time again by genuine experts the world over. There is no shortage of case studies that demonstrate the benefits to

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Taking a multidimensional approach to content marketing for PR

The ability today for companies and organisations of any size to publish their own content, in effect becoming their own media channels, is such a powerful proposition, it never ceases to blow me away. Unfortunately though, precious few marketers, PR pros and business owners are taking full advantage of the broader ‘content universe’ that sits

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Keynote presentation: How to build trust and reputation through content marketing

  We live in exciting times! Every business today has the opportunity to become its own media channel, to leverage the power of their online publishing platforms to create and distribute meaningful content that provides value for their audience, and in turn helps build brand visibility, credibility, influence and trust. Best-selling author Anthony Robbins once

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How to build trust as a competitive advantage for your business

  As professional communicators, we are acutely aware of the importance of trust in building reputation and enhancing purchase consideration, or whatever ‘commercial’ outcome you’re seeking to achieve, whether it be donations for a nonprofit, changing people’s behaviour for a government agency, or gaining positive word-of-mouth (and votes) if you’re a political party. Trust is

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Content Marketing for PR: Growing an audience through podcasting

Audio is the unsung hero of content marketing and provides businesses and organisations with significant opportunities to reach and communicate with their desired audience groups. While the bulk of audio currently is long-form episodic podcasts people can access via their device of choice whenever and wherever they wish, there are a number of ways in

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How to make your advertising and promotional campaigns work harder

The ongoing disruption of traditional media continues to wreak havoc on the marketing industry. The reach of traditional media has diminished in the wake of the ongoing explosion of online channels and with it, the emergence of literally millions of professional and amateur micro-publishers, thus splintering people’s attention into a thousand different directions. At the same time,

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How VITAL is the reputational health of your business or organisation?

At the heart of a robust public relations program beats five foundational elements that, when combined strategically, are critical to the ongoing reputational health (and success) of any business, government body or nonprofit organisation. I call them PR’s VITAL signs, and they are: Visibility  Influence  Trust  Advocacy  Leadership  In order to thrive and prosper in

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