Welcome to Digital Citizen’s blog – PR WARRIOR:  On the Frontline of the Communications Revolution.  PR Warrior is one of Australia’s longest-running and most popular marketing blogs.  Established in 2007, PR Warrior is a dynamic online hub for all things PR, social media, content marketing and personal branding. 

“Trevor Young has built PR Warrior into one of the world’s foremost showcases of what can be achieved at the intersection of public relations and social media.” – SMART COMPANY

BECOME A ‘MICRO MAVEN’ PART 1 – Establish a platform that rocks!

A critical first step in becoming a micro maven is developing a robust platform from which to increase your reach, your visibility and your influence. This is something you’re going to need to get your head around. It’s the not-so-secret secret of building a known and respected microbrand in your niche, whether on a domestic

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Welcome to the global microbrand revolution

We live in an incredible age where anyone with expertise in a particular subject and a desire to share their knowledge freely with the world (on and offline) has the potential to build a sustainable mini-business empire, literally from the comfort of their own home (or on the road somewhere if that’s their want). Platform

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What is a ‘micro maven’?

The emergence of the social web has seen the rise and rise of a new breed of entrepreneur who is creative and connected, prolific and passionate, socially savvy and community-minded. These new-look entrepreneurs are the product of today’s ideas economy, fuelled by new media technologies that allow them to expand across the virtual globe, winning fans and advocates,

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Everything you need to know about social media and content marketing, you can learn from this pen, paper and ink company

  Many companies (large and small, ‘business-to-business’ and ‘business-to-consumer’) have latched on to content marketing, understanding fundamentally that publishing your own interesting and relevant original content can be a key differentiator between your brand and your competitors’. Many more are on social media, having opened accounts on numerous popular social networking platforms. Few, however, are

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My year in review plus ‘three words’ (and a theme!) for 2014

It’s that time of the year when a heap of people whom I admire – Mitch Joel, Beth Kanter, Chris Brogan among others, including friends on Twitter – go public with three words designed to help guide and inspire them throughout the coming year. @trevoryoung got my three words as well… stories, relationships and hustle

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microDOMINATION book officially launched at Social Media Club event

Panellists at the launch of microDOMINATION book – from left: Darren Rowse (caught Instagramming from the stage!), Valerie Khoo, Nicole Avery & yours truly on the microphone; photo by Yvonne Adele My book microDOMINATION was officially launched last night at an event held in conjunction with Social Media Club Melbourne. Great crowd, a trending tweetstream

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