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Why leaders need to be actively engaged on social channels

Do you know who should be a company’s biggest champions? Employees, I hear you say. And you’re probably right, but that’s only going to happen if a company has a super-engaged workforce and its employees are actually empowered to share the love via social channels, as well in offline forums (public events, with friends over

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Dissecting the state of content marketing in Australia

This week Andrés López-Varela, Matt Allison and I hosted a live Google Hangout with guests Carolyn Hyams, Peter Gearin and Branka Injac Misic to discuss the state of content marketing in Australia. Here is a video recording of the stream (below) – it’s about half an hour long but if you’re interested in content marketing

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143: Social media for thought leaders with Kate Ware

When she’s not searching for the latest pop-up restaurant or drinking coffee at her favourite Melbourne haunt, Kate Ware helps business owners create digital marketing strategies that sell their products and services and boosts their reputation online. (Disclosure: Kate and I often collaborate on Digital Citizen clients). In this wide-ranging chat on all things social media, Kate

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142 Taming imposter syndrome with Trisha Lewis, communication coach

As a communication coach, Trisha Lewis helps her clients remove barriers to success and unleash their full potential. Part of her role is to help people manage their ‘inner critic’ and overcome what’s known as ‘Impostor Syndrome’ Trisha describes Impostor syndrome as an irrational and pervasive feeling of self-doubt. A sense that you are getting away

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How to gather insights for your content marketing for PR program

Any time you embark on a content marketing for PR plan, it’s advisable to start watching and listening to what’s going on in and around your virtual world. Not just a cursory scan of the interwebs: I’m talking full immersion and discovery. The goal here is to arm yourself with information about what your company or organisation

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141 Achieving a return on your intellect with Ronan Leonard

Ronan Leonard works with professional experts and thought leaders to get the most out of their ideas and intellectual property. More specifically, through his business Eccountability, he helps people create global online virtual mastermind groups. Part of Ronan’s process is to people how to find their niche ‘white space’, drawing out and amplifying their hidden genius, and

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How to develop a narrative for your business

Businesses and organisations today need a consistent narrative – that is, the story you want to tell the world. I call it your ‘panorama’. I explain more in the quick video.  VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: What is your panorama? This is the unbroken view of your brand story. To me, every business, every nonprofit organisation, you need

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140 The thought leader advantage with Trevor Young

‘Thought leadership’ can be quite a nebulous concept. Simply telling people you’re a thought leader doesn’t necessarily make you one. That said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with aspiring to become a thought leader in your industry, profession, discipline or community. To become a thought leader today, you don’t need to rely on the gatekeepers e.g. the media,

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Recognition & reputation

In order to thrive and prosper in today’s connection economy, companies, nonprofit organisations, government agencies and personal brand-based businesses need to establish, build, enhance and safeguard a reputation that’s both recognised and respected. They also need to have a trusted brand that stands out amongst the informational clutter. A strong reputation will enhance purchase consideration,

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139: Commercialising your personal brand with Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson is a personal branding specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. She helps coaches, consultants, business owners and corporate executives define their personal brand and convert their expertise into a business solution that solves a complex problem. In this wide-ranging chat with my good self, Mary touches on: Building a personal brand that can be

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What’s your ‘one kick’?

So many lessons for business professionals in this one Bruce Lee quote: “I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” In terms of social media and content marketing, there’s a tendency for some people, when starting out, to be on

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