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From unknown to expert with Catriona Pollard, founder of CP Communications

EPISODE 20 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST If you’re a business professional, change agent, coach, consultant or author – raising your profile and establishing your bona fides is all part of doing business today. But with so many options to promote your personal brand and reinforce your credentials, it’s so easy to become bamboozled to the point where

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Three things thought leaders and business professionals can learn from successful bloggers

The emergence of new media technologies that allow anyone with passion and purpose (and a functioning internet connection) to become their own media channel has seen a changing of the guard in many industries, with individuals seemingly coming out of nowhere to stamp their authority and knowledge leadership. For years, leaders within particular industries – the highly visible

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Building million dollar relationships with mentor and speaker, Danielle Storey

EPISODE 18 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST Danielle Storey is communications director of the wonderfully-named The Cartridge Family, which supplies printers, toners and inks for the small business and corporate markets. She’s a professional speaker and mentor, a member of the Expert Panel for Business Victoria and former president of National Speakers Association Australia (Victoria). Danielle’s passion is to encourage Australia

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Eight personal branding lessons from the ‘Top 40 Social Selling Marketing Masters’

Technology solutions business Kitedesk recently published an infographic that highlighted the Top 40 Social Selling Marketing Masters (see below). It’s a great list, featuring a veritable who’s who of the social media and content marketing world. What struck me when I first saw the infographic wasn’t necessarily about each listed individual’s ability to ‘sell socially’

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From PI to #SocialFirefighter: How Nicole Matejic is building a unique personal brand in a highly specialised emerging global niche

  Nicole Matejic (aka the #SocialFirefighter) trained as a photojournalist, became a private investigator (which saw her “hanging out of trees’ as a surveillance operative), worked for Australia’s Customs and Border Protection Service and then in strategic communications for the Federal Government’s Defence Department. What a journey! But now is where it starts getting really interesting: Over the past

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Growing a digital footprint for your personal brand with Cat Matson, social provoCATeur

EPISODE 16 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST Cat Matson is known as a CATalyst for sparking ideas and connecting resources, people and practical strategies; she’s a keynote speaker and social media specialist, co-host of the podcast ‘Social Media for Small Business’, and CEO of the company behind the HEARIS social media management tool. In this interview, Cat explains

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Your most potent personal branding weapon

EPISODE 15 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST YOU are your most potent personal branding weapon. You hold the key to your personal branding efforts; you hold the key to your differentiation in the marketplace; you hold the key to whether people are attracted to you, your thoughts and ideas, how you come across. Essentially what we’re talking

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Making sense of search engine optimisation with SEO guru Jim Stewart

EPISODE 14 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST The sheer thought of search engine optimisation – or SEO as it’s more commonly referred to – is probably making your eyes glaze over as we speak! Let’s face it, SEO is something we know we probably should do something about (if we want to be found online via Google

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