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The 4 types of content thought leaders need to be aware of

If you’re going to make an impact as a thought leader, you’re going to need to create original content that informs, educates and empowers readers (or viewers or listeners if you produce videos or podcasts). In this episode of Reputation Revolution, I outline the four different types of content thought leaders need to be aware

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Public speaking advice for aspiring thought leaders with Yvonne Adele

EPISODE 11 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST Public speaking fills many professional people with dread but if you can overcome your fear of standing on a stage and presenting to an audience, it can be one of the most powerful means of communication a thought leader has in their PR and marketing kit bag (not to mention

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What does the media look for in an expert commentator?

  Having expertise around a particular subject or topic is one thing, but being able drive intelligent conversation around your knowledge is what the media is looking for in an expert commentator, says Nic Hayes (pictured below) from Media Stable, an online directory that connects the media with quality talent and expert opinions. “You’ve got to be

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How to pitch your story to the media (like the pros)

Traditional media outlets – radio, TV, newspapers and magazines (and their online offshoots) – are often seen in several different lights by the business world. On the one hand journalists, broadcast producers and interviewers are seen as untouchable, largely hidden away and inaccessible to anyone from outside the media itself, or the PR, advertising and celebrity

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Power to the people: Aussies are more engaged in online protests than ever (SURVEY)

One in 10 internet users in Australia are protesting online via change.org making us the second highest number of users of the website, per capita, globally. A survey of change.org’s two million users shows that Australians are more engaged than ever when it comes to online activism around political and consumer issues. But is the public being heard?  Are these

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Taking things up a notch on LinkedIn with Des Walsh

EPISODE 8 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST Queensland-based social media author, speaker and business coach Des Walsh is my special guest this week on the Reputation Revolution podcast. Des helps business owners, executives and freelance professionals get the edge in the new environment of social business. He has been in business for over 20 years and will shortly

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Building your thought leadership brand

In this episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast we look at what’s involved in building your thought leadership brand: From defining your story and developing your key messages and evidence-based ‘proof-points’ through to selecting and activating your communication channels. We also examine your ‘Spheres of Conversation’: What discussions do you want to start, or be

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Deconstructing thought leadership with Craig Badings

EPISODE 6 OF THE REPUTATION REVOLUTION PODCAST This week  I chat with Craig Badings, a thought leader who specialises in thought leadership (yes folks, that’s a lot of thought leadership!). Craig  is a corporate communications specialist who believes strongly in the strategic competitive advantage that comes with being a thought leader. We start off riffing on the

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