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148 The Authentic Thought Leader (Bumper Episode)

Bumper episode time folks! As we draw closer to the 150th episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast, we thought we’d take this opportunity to dig into the vaults and bring to you some fantastic guests from our first one hundred shows. This episode comes in three parts: PART 1 – Unleashing the power of purpose

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3 businesses that are killing it with their video content

It’s no secret video is changing the marketing ballgame. When anyone – businesses large and small, nonprofits or professional experts – can produce video online for free or very little money down, the opportunity to create impact using the medium is very real. But what does success look like when it comes to video content?

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The content factory that fuels your PR efforts

When planning your content marketing for PR program, try mixing up the types of content you produce. I explain more in this brief video. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: In all likelihood, the content you create will fall into one of these buckets. Let’s call them buckets, all right, but one of these content types. First of all,

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147 Being seen and being heard as a thought leader with Mitchell Levy

We are in the most dramatic human transformation the world has ever seen. We are currently transitioning from the industrial age to the social age, where technology is getting more advanced by the day, both augmenting and, in some cases, replacing humans. According to global credibility expert MITCHELL LEVY, this shift can either boost you and

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146 Writing your first business book with Jaqui Lane

Share your knowledge, increase your impact and influence by writing and publishing your own business book. Writing and publishing a book is a goal for many aspiring thought leaders, but it requires plenty of planning to ensure you get the most value from your efforts. In this ‘from the vault’ episode, I chat with Jaqui Lane,

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How to build trust in your business: Take people behind the scenes

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Trust or more importantly lack thereof, is a massive issue in this country. Now it’s not just businesses and business leaders. We don’t trust we hadn’t trust politicians, governments, ministers, we don’t trust media. We don’t even trust nonprofits like we used to. And it’s not just me saying that. That’s the Edelman

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Why leaders need to be actively engaged on social channels

Do you know who should be a company’s biggest champions? Employees, I hear you say. And you’re probably right, but that’s only going to happen if a company has a super-engaged workforce and its employees are actually empowered to share the love via social channels, as well in offline forums (public events, with friends over

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Dissecting the state of content marketing in Australia

This week Andrés López-Varela, Matt Allison and I hosted a live Google Hangout with guests Carolyn Hyams, Peter Gearin and Branka Injac Misic to discuss the state of content marketing in Australia. Here is a video recording of the stream (below) – it’s about half an hour long but if you’re interested in content marketing

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143: Social media for thought leaders with Kate Ware

When she’s not searching for the latest pop-up restaurant or drinking coffee at her favourite Melbourne haunt, Kate Ware helps business owners create digital marketing strategies that sell their products and services and boosts their reputation online. (Disclosure: Kate and I often collaborate on Digital Citizen clients). In this wide-ranging chat on all things social media, Kate

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