Welcome to Digital Citizen’s blog – PR WARRIOR:  On the Frontline of the Communications Revolution.  PR Warrior is one of Australia’s longest-running and most popular marketing blogs.  Established in 2007, PR Warrior is a dynamic online hub for all things PR, social media, content marketing and personal branding. 

“Trevor Young has built PR Warrior into one of the world’s foremost showcases of what can be achieved at the intersection of public relations and social media.” – SMART COMPANY

Breaking down the myths about PR and content marketing

In this chat with Adam Fraser, host of the EY podcast Let’s Talk Marketing, we discuss the complexities of content and why businesses should look at approaching content marketing from a strategic PR perspective. We’ve never had more opportunity to market our brand, but that brings with it a degree of noise and information overload

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Available for free download: New ebook CONTENT & REPUTATION

I’ve just launched a mini-ebook and it’s free to download (no email required) – here’s the direct download link. The ebook is called CONTENT & REPUTATION: How to use content to boost the 5 ‘VITAL’ pillars of your business or personal brand. Here’s the spiel: Are you struggling to cut through the noise and convey

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How PR can play a deeper role in your business

A strategic PR program should provide a business or nonprofit organisation with a solid foundation from which it can functionally operate more effectively in other areas. Take sales and marketing, for example. If people need to be educated about your product, service or cause before they are willing to commit, PR can help pave the

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How to use video to make your brand more relatable to clients and customers

Publishing original content online can be a great way to humanise your organisation, or in the case of individuals, making your personal brand feel more accessible to the public. This is a critical aspect of building trust and reputation in today’s digital-first world. Of the many publishing mediums available to us, video is perhaps the most effective

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Becoming your own media channel: the Ticker TV interview

I recently chatted with Ticker TV’s Ahron Young about all things content marketing for PR and becoming your own media channel and telling your stories like a PR pro. Topics included building brand visibility, the importance of developing owned media assets, and the persistence required in building a culture of content in your business. ABOUT

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