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“Trevor Young has built PR Warrior into one of the world’s foremost showcases of what can be achieved at the intersection of public relations and social media.” – SMART COMPANY

How use video to make your brand more relatable to clients and customers

Publishing original content online can be a great way to humanise your organisation, or in the case of individuals, making your personal brand feel more accessible to the public. This is a critical aspect of building trust and reputation in today’s digital-first world. Of the many publishing mediums available to us, video is perhaps the most effective

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Becoming your own media channel: the Ticker TV interview

I recently chatted with Ticker TV’s Ahron Young about all things content marketing for PR and becoming your own media channel and telling your stories like a PR pro. Topics included building brand visibility, the importance of developing owned media assets, and the persistence required in building a culture of content in your business. ABOUT

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Building strategic visibility using a content-first approach to PR

The content you publish, distribute and amplify can have a significant impact on your brand’s visibility in the marketplace. But you need to be strategic about it. Just banging out stuff willy-nilly simply adds to the noise and helps no-one. Brands that get it right, as a rule, have earned their strong presence largely due

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Three reasons why I wrote my book ‘Content Marketing for PR’

I’ve just published my second book. It’s called Content Marketing for PR: How to build brand visibility, influence and trust in today’s social age (here is the official website if you’d like to know more). It’s a bit of a beast, much bigger and more comprehensive than my previous book, microDOMINATION. It took nearly two years

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What is content marketing for PR, and why does it matter?

Content marketing for PR is about becoming your own media channel so you can communicate directly with your target audiences and in doing so, influence the outcome you’re after. This can work in a number of ways: 1. DISCOVERABILITY Publishing original content can help you get discovered. Whether people find you via social media, through

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How to boost your professional profile using Medium

Today’s marketplace is crowded, noisy, interactive, multi-channel. Standing out and resonating with your story and your message has never been more challenging. But if you’re an aspiring thought leader – a business or practice leader, a change agent, social entrepreneur or professional subject matter expert; if you have a passion to share ideas and insights with the world,

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148 The Authentic Thought Leader (Bumper Episode)

Bumper episode time folks! As we draw closer to the 150th episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast, we thought we’d take this opportunity to dig into the vaults and bring to you some fantastic guests from our first one hundred shows. This episode comes in three parts: PART 1 – Unleashing the power of purpose

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3 businesses that are killing it with their video content

It’s no secret video is changing the marketing ballgame. When anyone – businesses large and small, nonprofits or professional experts – can produce video online for free or very little money down, the opportunity to create impact using the medium is very real. But what does success look like when it comes to video content?

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