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Since signing up to LinkedIn in 2005 and Twitter in 2007,  I have been on a journey of deep discovery around all things social media and DIY digital publishing, a journey that continues to this day.

As a seasoned PR and communications practitioner at that point, the emergence of blogging and social media was to me nothing short of a revelation.

In June, 2007, I launched my blog PR Warrior and published my first (and probably worst!) blog post. This was a move that changed my life, literally. Blogging and social media exposed my personal brand to a growing audience, extending my sphere of influence from just PR and marketing circles into the broader business community.

Along the way, I became sought after as a media commentator, a professional speaker with international gigs under my belt, as well as an author with one of the world’s biggest business book publishing houses.

I tell this story because it underpins everything we do here at Digital Citizen.

As someone who has worked for several large international PR consultancies as well as co-founded two agencies that worked for some of Australia’s most recognisable brands, I have embraced the disruption that has come with the proliferation of social technologies.

This is because I see social media and all that goes with it as a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes, nonprofit organisations, government agencies, and individuals: basically anyone who needs to get their story and message out into the marketplace, and who would benefit from having direct communication with a defined audience.

Put simply, I love this stuff!

So what’s our purpose? Why do we do what we do?

We exist to help as many people as possible tap into the power of social media and online publishing technologies, to gain the confidence and skills to become their own media channel and be able to effectively tell their story, grow their audience and create impact in the marketplace.

This flows through everything we do, from our consulting and advisory work, through to the events and workshops we run and the media we produce.






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