Media & influencer relations

At Digital Citizen, we might be super bullish on the use of social media and content marketing for PR but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in the power of good ol’ fashioned media relations (even though the way we do media relations is a lot different to five or so years ago).

Our media relations services include:

  • strategic planning
  • story development
  • preparation of media materials
  • media liaison and monitoring.

Importantly, we strongly believe media relations today – part of the earned media remit – is best optimised when partnered with an organisation’s strategic use of owned and social media.

Influencer relations

The explosion of social channels and online publishing platforms has lifted up the PR and marketing industry and slung it head-first into the virtual turf.

In days gone by, getting your message out en masse was pretty straightforward, albeit expensive if paid advertising was factored in. But that’s not the case any more.

Advertising is not as effective as it once was as the public continues to source its news and information from all manner online channels. Today, everyone is a media channel and thus potentially influential.

At Digital Citizen, we believe in the power of building relationships with key influencers within specific industries, versus short-term transactional ‘influencer marketing’.

Therefore we have built out our service offering around facilitating this process, from identifying and building rapport with bona fide influencers on behalf of our clients through to developing and entering into mutually beneficial arrangements that work for both parties.