One of the core pillars of Digital Citizen revolves around education and empowerment. 

Agency founder Trevor Young is an avid teacher and knowledge sharer; he has actively blogged for over 10 years, appeared on countless podcasts (his own and other people’s), written a book, presented public webinars and have spoken extensively from the stage both in Australia and overseas.

A big priority at Digital Citizen is to empower our clients with knowledge that will help them achieve more success. But it’s critical we go deeper than that: How can we kickstart conversation within business circles about the importance of sustainable and authentic content-driven communications?

More specifically, how can we help business owners, marketers and PR practitioners to more effectively tackle the challenges that face us all, thanks to the ever-evolving new media landscape?

To that end, as a business we will continue to publish content we feel will help people improve their understanding of content-driven social communications.

Following are links to a good chunk of our content – go nuts! 

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