Head of In-house PR/Marketing

Do you head up a PR/comms or marketing function at a large company or organisation?

Are you in charge of a team of young professionals who are smart and enthusiastic but perhaps lack the necessary skills and experience required to take things up a notch or two?

Do you have a communications strategy in place but require some additional up-to-the-minute thinking around social media and content marketing?

Have you been charged with developing a social media and content marketing strategy for your organisation, but are flat-out ‘doing the do’ and, quite frankly, don’t have the time or resources to do it internally?

Do you have a campaign coming up that requires professionally produced content but don’t have the capabilities to do it in-house?

Maybe we can help.

PR, content marketing and social media services:

Digital Citizen’s team of strategists, communications specialists and content creators can set you on the right path. We can help with:

PLANNING – developing a strategic content-driven communications roadmap.

EXECUTION – executing on your behalf: content marketing, social media communications, and media/influencer relations programs.

MENTORING – if you have a young team keen to execute but they lack practical experience, we can help with direction, process and ideas.

Interested?  Please Trevor on 0412 368 683 for a no-obligation chat about your marketing communication requirements.