Owner of Fast-Growth Business

Do you run a fast-growing entrepreneurial business?

You employ, say, between 50 to 250 staff, but run pretty lean in the PR and marketing department?

You recognise that traditional marketing methods are fast becoming outdated, but equally understand the merits of putting your audience first and creating content that’s of interest and relevance to them. Indeed, the notion of becoming your own media channel holds a certain appeal!

You also understand that building trust and reputation is critical to the success of your business, as well as recognise the importance of communicating authentically with prospective clients and building a genuine sense of community around your brand.

But, you’re also cognisant that creating content, managing your social media channels and earning editorial mentions from influencers and the media can be difficult to do well, and strategically.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk!

PR, content marketing and social media services:

Digital Citizen’s team of strategists and communications specialists can set you on the right path. We can help with:

PLANNING – developing a strategic – and pragmatic! – content-driven communications roadmap.

EXECUTION – executing on your behalf: content marketing, social media communications, and media/influencer relations.

MENTORING – if you have a young team keen to execute but they lack practical experience, we can help with direction, process and ideas.

Interested?  Please Trevor on 0412 368 683 for a no-obligation chat about your marketing communication requirements.