Strategy + advisory for thought leaders & small businesses

Entrepreneurial small businesses are often happy to create content in-house, as well as manage their own social channels. Indeed, they’re often pretty damn good at it!

However, we’ve found that many business owners need help with strategic direction and creative ideas around content marketing, social media and digital PR.

That’s where Digital Citizen comes in.

Our small business offering is tailored for progressive-thinking, budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

We will sit down with you and ask a bunch of questions so we can better understand your needs; then we will go away and create a plan that will have you building the foundations of your own media channel in no time!

Building out your plan is only part of the service. We are also available, if you need us, to guide you as you put your plan into practice. Think of us as your social media and content communications coach, working side-by-side to help you get the results you’re after.

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