Company Snapshot

We live in exciting but challenging times!

Cutting through the informational clutter with your message has never been more difficult. Yes, we now have many more channels through which to communicate, but how many of us are actually getting through to our intended audience, let alone resonating with our story?

This is where Digital Citizen Group comes in.

Digital Citizen is a recognition and reputation agency. We help companies, organisations and aspiring thought leaders tell their story, grow their audience and build recognition for their brand and their business (or cause or issue) using a strategic blend of content marketing, social media communications and digital storytelling.

We do this directly through consulting and advisory work, our Digital Content Studio, via presentations at workshops and seminars, as well as through our PR Warrior blog, Reputation Revolution podcast, books (microDOMINATION plus the soon-to-be-released Content Marketing for PR) and various social media channels.

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