Digital Citizen is led by one of Australia’s most experienced PR and content marketing practitioners, Trevor Young.

Trevor is known in the industry as the PR Warrior, after his popular marketing blog of the same name. He has an extensive track record across digital PR, social media and content marketing, having blazed a trail along the new media landscape since the mid 2000s.

A former journalist with 20+ years’ senior PR consulting experience under his belt, Trevor has worked for some of Australia’s top consultancies including Porter Novelli and The Rowland Company; more recently he was Director of Strategy & Innovation at Edelman Australia.


Digital Citizen is an agile and responsive operation, able to scale up or down depending on the project at any given time.  

We employ from a close-knit circle of seasoned professional experts with specialist skills in key areas across the content-driven social communications spectrum, including journalists and editors, video producers, media relations experts, social media strategists and trainers, researchers, project managers and stakeholder engagement practitioners.

Key partners include:

Myles Harris – Myles is an experienced digital analyst and Facebook marketing specialist. He focuses on optimising Facebook ad spend, page visibility and engagement, and has managed nearly 500 Facebook campaigns. Myles also spent three years managing Melbourne Mustangs Ice Hockey Club’s digital team.


Kate Ware – Kate is a seasoned social media strategist, trainer and digital adviser who has worked with organisations at all stages of the business development cycle.  She has considerable experience at the coalface of social media (community management) as well as at a broader strategic level.


Tom Pountney –Tom is a brand journalist and digital storyteller with experience writing for clients across multiple sectors, including writing content for the official London Olympics magazine to building content campaigns for a UK charity launched by Boris Johnson.


Alister Robbie – Alister is Digital Citizen’s chief video producer and trainer. He has been involved in film, television and video for over 20 years, as an editor, director, camera operator, producer, post-production supervisor — if there’s a job that involves moving pictures, he’s probably done it.


Brendan Keogh – Brendan looks after Digital Citizen’s podcasting clients. He is a marketing specialist (and qualified audio engineer) with loads of experience helping thought leaders get their message out into the marketplace. He’s a published ghostwriter and has produced two audio books for the platform.


Lisa Sayer – Lisa is Digital Citizen’s Business Systems & Support Manager.  She provides administrative support to ensure processes behind each account run smoothly. Lisa has more than 25 years’ experience as an administration professional, including eight years as a personal/executive assistant to CEOs.

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