At Digital Citizen we are strong believers in harnessing the power of owned, earned and social media to create impact in business. 

These media are impactful when integrated and used strategically, with passion and purpose, over the longer term.

A solid and active foundation of human-powered owned, earned and social media communications builds brand visibility, influence, trust, advocacy and leadership – or what we call the ‘5 VITAL Signs of PR’ – and makes all other communications work that much harder.

Are you giving your audience a reason to listen to you when they could be swapping barbs with mates on Facebook, or scouring Twitter for coverage of that morning’s big news event? It’s important to know where your audience is and be there with them.

If people already know who you are and what your brand stands for, if they like and trust your company’s leadership and internal experts, then your advertising and direct marketing activities will stand a better chance of cutting through and resonating with people.

Our approach at Digital Citizen revolves around helping clients build and reinforce the ‘5 VITAL Signs of PR’ – visibility, influence, trust, advocacy and leadership – using a strategic combination of media and influencer relations, social communications and content marketing.

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