148 The Authentic Thought Leader (Bumper Episode)

Bumper episode time folks!

As we draw closer to the 150th episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast, we thought we’d take this opportunity to dig into the vaults and bring to you some fantastic guests from our first one hundred shows.

This episode comes in three parts:

PART 1 – Unleashing the power of purpose

PART 2 – Capitalising on the myriad opportunities to build and connect with an audience

PART 3 – Hand-picked tips from global experts

I told you, bumper, right?

So we’ve dusted off some professional experts and thought leaders just for you, including:

  • Richard Sauerman
  • Lucy Whittington
  • Karen Gunton
  • Lisa Petrilli
  • Darren Rowse
  • Donna Papacosta
  • David M. Hobson
  • Simon Mossman
  • Loren Bartley
  • Joe Pulizzi
  • Ann Handley
  • Joanna Penn

Richard, Lucy, Karen and Lisa share their thoughts, ideas and stories around authenticity in personal branding and the importance of thought leaders being aligned to their purpose.

Darren, Donna, David, Simon and Loren cover blogging, podcasting,  LinkedIn, media relations and Facebook.

And in the run home, Joe talks about the importance of focus, consistency and the power of “going all in”; Ann discusses the benefits of giving away your knowledge, and the importance of video in your content creation efforts; and Joanna chats about finding your voice, leaving digital breadcrumbs online, and the importance of having a book if you’re a public speaker.

Monster episode with lots of gold! Hope you enjoy it!

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