The content factory that fuels your PR efforts

When planning your content marketing for PR program, try mixing up the types of content you produce. I explain more in this brief video.


In all likelihood, the content you create will fall into one of these buckets. Let’s call them buckets, all right, but one of these content types. First of all, you have your premium signature content.

Now, this is where there’s perceived value. Could be a really well researched white paper, or a research report, or it could be a set of guides and templates, or tutorials, or an app even, or a calculator. Things where people are potentially happy to exchange an email for gaining access to that content.

And you might say, you know, I might only do some premium signature content two or three times a year. So, it’s got to be more evergreen in nature, and you can promote it for a longer period of time.

Second one is sub-branded content properties. Now, this is where you create a sub-brand, like it might be a magazine that comes out four times a year. It might be a weekly or a fortnightly YouTube show.

It could be a weekly podcast, but it’s got its own sort of name, and this is where people might actually, your audience, might actually find your brand via one of these properties. So, they might subscribe to your podcast, and you know, the hosts might change, but the brand, the sub-brand keeps going. So, it allows you to build an audience over time.

Really important this one, but takes a little bit of extra work.

And finally, we have our day to day presence content. So, I’m not going to say it’s the quick and dirty stuff, because sometimes it might be a blog post that takes a little bit of time, but this is the content, the blog posts, what you’re putting on LinkedIn, what you’re putting on Twitter, your Facebook, Instagram shots, all of that sort of stuff, your little live streams.

These are the things that day to day, probably a little bit more topical at the time, and they sort of fill in the gaps between these two more chunkier things.

So, a lot of people focus on this, some people occasionally put these things out, and probably a few less brands would be doing things around sub-branded content, but I like the mix of doing this. This is respectful reminders. This is to build an audience per se, and this is to come out with something of value that you can exchange if you like for some people’s email addresses.

Your content factory!

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