Dissecting the state of content marketing in Australia

This week Andrés López-Varela, Matt Allison and I hosted a live Google Hangout with guests Carolyn Hyams, Peter Gearin and Branka Injac Misic to discuss the state of content marketing in Australia.

Here is a video recording of the stream (below) – it’s about half an hour long but if you’re interested in content marketing in Australia, definitely worth checking out.

We look at which brands in Australia are doing content marketing well; other topics include trends and challenges, resourcing (in-house versus outsourcing), plus the opportunities around event-based content.

The Google Hangout was presented by Content Leaders Academy

Content Leaders Academy is a new initiative developed by Andrés, Matt and my good self.

Together we’re running an immersive full-day masterclass run designed to help content professionals discover and sharpen the skills they need to confidently lead their company’s content marketing efforts.

Masterclasses are being run in Sydney on Tuesday, April 9 and Melbourne on Tuesday, April 30 – booking information here.

As a valued reader of PR Warrior, you’re eligible to a special discount – hit me up on email for more information – trevor (at) digitalcitizen (dot) group.


When developing the Content Leaders Academy masterclass, Andrés, Matt and I had one simple goal in mind: to deliver focused, high-quality training for today’s content leaders.

Put simply, we are eager to strip back the noise of your average training days and industry events and give you only the information and skills you need to design, execute and optimise the best content program for your organisation.

The masterclass day is organised into four modules that build on each other:

  1. Developing a holistic view of content: Content isn’t just about blog articles and social videos. Content leaders need to zoom out from the everyday and understand the purpose for content in their organisation, whether it be for reputational or performance purposes.
  2. Building strong content strategy foundations: A documented content strategy is the single most important thing any content leader needs, regardless of the type and size of their content program. But content calendars, production workflows and marketing plans are often used in place of a deliberate, well-researched, audience-focused content strategy and that makes life difficult for anyone involved in the content program.
  3. Operationalising your content strategy: The best content strategy in the world doesn’t mean anything if it’s not supported by a practical and realistic plan for the day-to-day running of your content program. Content leaders need clarity about their team’s workload, stakeholder buy-in and content distribution as well as the technology they use to track all that.
  4. Optimising your content program: Content leaders are so busy and often dealing with competing demands, so optimisation often falls by the wayside. There are a few easy ways to extract lessons from your content program as well as poaching other brands’ ideas and ways of working. We’ve learned a thing or two over many years of running content programs and we want to share these hacks with you.

With a combination of instructive presentations, practical group exercises and ample Q&A time throughout the day, you’ll leave the masterclass with the confidence and knowledge you need to lead your organisation’s content program.


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