Recognition & reputation

In order to thrive and prosper in today’s connection economy, companies, nonprofit organisations, government agencies and personal brand-based businesses need to establish, build, enhance and safeguard a reputation that’s both recognised and respected.

They also need to have a trusted brand that stands out amongst the informational clutter.

A strong reputation will enhance purchase consideration, which obviously is important if you’re in the business of selling goods and services. But it has a powerful knock-on effect as well.

If your business is constantly engaged in the war for talent, a solid reputation will help in attracting high-quality potential employees.

If raising capital or attracting investment partners is your goal – BOOM! Your reputation has a key role to play here.

If you’re a nonprofit and your goal is to galvanise public opinion behind your cause – in turn potentially leading to increased community donations and philanthropic and/or government funding – then a strong reputation needs to be a cornerstone of your organisation’s existence.

So next time you think about PR for your business or organisation, by all means keep one eye on generating media exposure for your brand, but also think more expansively about those activities that will help deepen the level of connection you have with the people who matter most to the success of your business, cause or issue.

What are you doing THIS WEEK that will strategically build and enhance the reputation of your business or organisation?

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