How to develop a narrative for your business

Businesses and organisations today need a consistent narrative – that is, the story you want to tell the world. I call it your ‘panorama’. I explain more in the quick video. 


What is your panorama? This is the unbroken view of your brand story. To me, every business, every nonprofit organisation, you need to understand what your narrative is. What’s the story that you want to tell the world? It needs to be consistent across all the channels that you put stuff out on, and so even when you’re creating content, it needs to reinforce that narrative.

Now this is how I look at what a narrative, or your panorama, will look like. Number one is, what’s your reason for being? What’s the purpose of your organisation, and why should people care about that?

What’s your backstory? Don’t just tell us, we started here and we ended up here. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way? What are some of the milestones that you’ve achieved?

Aspirations. What’s your vision for the future? Where do you want to be going? That’s showing people that we’ve got a vision and we’re looking forward. We aspire to be here.

Then we bring it to life through key messages, and these are a consistent portfolio of messages that, over time, become consistent across the organisation.

And stories. Bringing it to life with stories, stories of your customers, for example. Stories of the leaders of your organisation, of some of your employees and partners. What are the stories that really help bring your narrative to life?

Finally, proof points. All right, saying we do this, and we do this and then we’re great, but what are some proof points, some evidence-based proof points that can help reinforce and strengthen the credibility of your narrative?

Again, really hard to stand out today, but one thing you don’t want to be doing is sending out mixed messages. You need to get your narrative down straight, and then start weaving that across the content you create and everything you’re doing in an earned media sense.



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