144 Jeremy Krause on using video to build personal brand recognition and authority

Jeremy Krause drops into the Reputation Revolution virtual studio from Visual Domain, one of Australia’s fastest-growing video production companies, to chat all things video marketing.

With video expected to form 98 per cent of all global internet traffic by 2020 – and Facebook predicting that 96 per cent of its feed will be video by the same year – the message is clear: neglect video at your peril.

In this episode, Jeremy discusses how professional experts and thought leaders can leverage the power of video to build recognition and authority for their personal brand.

Jeremy’s chat with host Trevor Young covers such things as: 

  • why video needs to entertain, educate and engage
  • when do you need a ‘signature’ video for your personal brand
  • cutting through with video that’s raw and authentic
  • using video to build a personal brand story
  • leveraging the power of video for social media
  • save time and money by producing short videos in batches
  • tips for better on-camera performance
  • topic and format ideas for thought leaders using video

If you don’t throw it up there, you don’t know what you’re going to get back, says Jeremy.

“Feedback’s always good,” he says.

The key message: Get out there and give it a go! Not all video needs to be highly polished to be effective: the goal is to experiment with different formats, take note of feedback, and continue to evolve.


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