143: Social media for thought leaders with Kate Ware

When she’s not searching for the latest pop-up restaurant or drinking coffee at her favourite Melbourne haunt, Kate Ware helps business owners create digital marketing strategies that sell their products and services and boosts their reputation online.

(Disclosure: Kate and I often collaborate on Digital Citizen clients).

In this wide-ranging chat on all things social media, Kate and host Trevor Young cover such points as:

  • The best social channels for thought leaders
  • Why Twitter is complementary to LinkedIn
  • The rise of private online communities
  • Robust discussions a sign you’re on the right social media path
  • How Twitter has cleaned up its act & is now more user-friendly
  • How to effectively use Twitter lists
  • Why LinkedIn is the most exciting platform for thought leaders
  • Maximising LinkedIn for all of its features
  • Why direct messaging is the most powerful function of LinkedIn
  • The power of micro-stories & raw ‘in the now’ video on LinkedIn
  • The opportunity that comes with responding to comments on social media
  • Don’t be afraid to have a point of view, especially around topical issues relevant to your business
  • How batch production of micro-content allows thought leaders to build their narrative efficiently on social channels
  • Should you be on Instagram?

If you want to raise your profile but are a bit confused when it comes to the current state of social media, this episode is worth a listen!


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