132 Mastering your message with speaking and media trainer, Kim Skubris

Kim Skubris has been a broadcast news journalist, mostly with the Seven Network in Australia, for 25 years.

During that time, she has reported on some of the country’s biggest stories, including Schapelle Corby and Daniel Morcombe, and covered numerous natural disasters locally and internationally.

Today, in addition to being a journalist, Kim is a speaker, MC, media and keynote trainer who helps business executives and thought leaders master their message and build connection with their audience.

Kim believes everyone has a story to tell, but too many people are silenced by self-doubt and naysayers.

“My mission is to lead with the heart in everything I do and bring value to the person, group, organisation or audience I am lucky enough to work with,” she says.

In this episode of Reputation Revolution, Kim discusses:

  • the importance of simplifying your story without distorting the facts
  • why mastering your message is about getting to the heart of what drives you – it’s not just an elevator pitch
  • the power of passion: “If you can’t show and share passion with your storytelling and your presenting, then you’re going to be dead in the water with your audience”
  • the need to understand your target audience: who am I trying to reach with this particular story?
  • why the story you tell should illustrate the key points you want your audience to take away with them
  • how a powerful message not only cuts through with an audience, but is later repeated by people
  • the mistake many presenters make: they waffle too much, often feeling they need to tell everyone everything they know about a subject matter, or something close to their heart
  • the importance of getting off to a good start: you only have about 10 seconds to grab the attention of an audience – make it count! Start with a question, a powerful fact, or an anecdote that’s short and sharp and to the point
  • why speaking with authenticity is refreshing, and how showing an element of vulnerability where appropriate will help you reach your audience

Four takeaways from this episode:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Consider a powerful opening
  3. Don’t waffle
  4. Be passionate – live the stories you want to tell and share them with hear

Connect with Kim:

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