130 Future-proofing your personal brand with Scarlett Vespa

Your brand is your strength, says Sydney-based ‘Human Brand Futurist’, Scarlett Vespa.

Scarlett, or ‘Mrs V’ as she’s known, is a speaker and presenter who helps executives, leaders and entrepreneurs build the best version of themselves.

Scarlett believes our own humanity is the key to a successful tomorrow and sustainable future.

Finding your brand is finding the essence of who you are that gives you your strength and protection, she says.

In this wide-ranging interview, Scarlett discusses:

  • The importance of laying the foundations of your personal brand: you can’t step forward until you have clarity around the essence of who you are and what you stand for.
  • How the obstacles that hold us back can in fact be a “cherished gift, in fact it’s something where our gold is most of the time laid”.
  • Trust and values is all the currency that there is in the future.
  • How AI and automation will replace many jobs in the future.
  • Future-proofing your career by unlocking the value you bring to the table: what is your unique skill-set?
  • The importance of employees being able to showcase innovation, creativity, management – “anything on that side of the equation”.
  • For entrepreneurs building their personal brand, focus on showcasing how you’re trustworthy, that you understand what’s going on in this new world … that you’re adaptable.

“We’re going to have to find security in a different way and I believe  it is really again about trust, it’s about trusting that you will be okay … that you believe in yourself,” says Scarlett.



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