We’re not listening. We do not care.


We are the # 1 {INSERT SECTOR} agency.

We are the {INSERT SECTOR} leader.

We are global thought leaders in {INSERT SECTOR}.

We are a leading award-winning {INSERT SECTOR} agency.

We are Australia’s top {INSERT SECTOR HERE} business.

We are the Australia’s leading {INSERT SECTOR} company.

We are renowned experts in {INSERT SECTOR}.


We’re not listening.

We don’t care.

We don’t believe you.

And there’s a good chance we don’t trust you.

Now, I get it. You’ve got to put your best foot forward. We’ve all done it.

And undoubtedly there are businesses in fields of endeavour that genuinely are leaders.

But if EVERYONE is saying it, then the phrase becomes a bit obsolete, if not tiresome.

Years ago, we only had a few channels through which to beat our chest. Now we literally have hundreds, and it all becomes a bit meaningless.

If you aspire to a leadership positioning in the marketplace, try showing, not telling.

Publish content.

Be useful and helpful.

Push boundaries.

Try and change the way we think about a topic or issue.

Educate people.

Inspire them!

Then, with a body of work in place, not only might we take notice of you, we might even consider you to be a leader without you having to tell us.

And that’s more powerful!


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1 thought on “We’re not listening. We do not care.”

  1. You know what’s even more crazy? When PR companies shout that stuff on emails to journalists. Usually it comes in a panel at the bottom of the press release email, sometime that’s text other times its a graphic panel with then screws up how the email reads on a phone.

    And oddly enough, the PR agencies that do this the most are the ones that deliver the least value to journalists.

    Just crazy.

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