124 Get back an hour in every day with Les ‘Timelord’ Watson

Building one’s visibility and influence in today’s reputation economy takes time and effort.

As if we’re not busy enough with day-to-day demands of our job, we need to factor in creating content, interacting with people on social media, preparing for and delivering speeches et al.

In short, the demands on our time have never been higher!

In this episode, productivity and time management expert, Les Watson, from Get More Time, discusses ways in which overloaded business professionals and thought leaders can get more done in their day.

As Les says: “An hour every day might not sound like much, but if you add it up, that’s seven hours a week. That’s an extra 365 hours up your sleeve every year. Imagine what you could do with that!”

Les has written a new book called Get Back An Hour In Every Day. It’s published in an A to Z format and can be used as a quick resource when faced with a specific time–related problem.


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