How to turn an event into several months’ worth of content for your business

It’s great to blog, create podcasts and publish videos to YouTube.

But don’t forget the power of ‘old school’ physical (versus virtual) content, for example, branded informational events such as workshops, seminars and breakfast get-togethers or after-work meet-ups that feature an expert guest speaker.

Events such as these are in themselves content, and therefore have a place in any content marketing for PR plan.

Not only that, but they can be a terrific way to produce lots of spin-off content for online channels.

Here is an example of what this might look like:

Let’s say your business runs an invitation-only breakfast event for existing and potential clients.

The event features two speakers: (a) you, the owner of the business, which produces software that helps organisations better streamline their systems and processes, and (b) an independent expert on personal productivity in the workplace.

You speak on the importance of developing organisational systems and provide statistics to support your theories, while the expert reveals six tactics managers and business leaders can employ to increase the overall productivity of their teams.

This is great educational content for those in attendance. People will walk away having received excellent value in exchange for their time and attention.

But that’s just the start of what I like to call a ‘cascading of content’.

If you film the event, you now have enough video content for months to come.

You could edit the presentations into two videos, each with their own written transcripts, and then provide this informational package free of charge in exchange for people’s email address. This will help build your company’s subscriber list.

You could go further by editing the footage into micro-video content – interesting bite-sized grabs that will work on your branded social channels. As well, you might design and create a series of visual tiles featuring quotes from the speakers that can also be used on social media.

But we’re not finished yet!

How about turning both presentations into blog articles?

If you and the other speaker used PowerPoint in your presentations, these too can be turned into online content as a PDF deck published to SlideShare, to be shared on both speakers’ LinkedIn pages.

You might also elect to live stream the event via your brand’s Facebook page, broadening the reach of the content in real-time.  

Additionally, you could tweet from the event, take photos and post to Instagram, and also promote the aforementioned blog articles via your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

So in effect, we have turned what was valuable content – two presentations delivered face-to-face with a key audience at a physical event – into a broad array of written, video and visual social content that could be drip-fed on to your brand’s owned and social channels for months to come. 

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