The importance of developing a culture of content in your organisation

For an organisation to effectively become its own media channel, it’s important to (over time) start developing a culture of content internally.

Creating content should not just be the responsibility of one team – everyone should have the chance to contribute ideas for stories that help build and reinforce an organisation’s external narrative. This is certainly the case with businesses that are geographically widespread.

Good story ideas can come from anywhere, from frontline sales troops who are in day-to-day contact with customers, right up to the C-suite.

To than end, a key part of developing a content culture is up-skilling staff around the basics of digital storytelling, especially micro-video production for social media. Huge opportunities exist for business leaders who want to further embed a social storytelling ethos in their organisation.

I discuss more in this video (TRANSCRIPT BELOW).


Greetings from Bangkok!

I’m up here luckily enough to do a mini speaking tour, just finished the first presentation, surprise, on social media and content marketing.

This was in the travel and tourism industry, but it really brought home to me, while rehearsing for it, was really around doing the research around the importance of storytelling, which we hear a lot, everyone bangs on about it of course, but the need to up-skill staff and the people … you know, the people who should be creating content for an organisation, it shouldn’t just be one or two people, it needs be … sure there are fewer people probably whose responsibility (it is), but ideas can come from anyone.

And the other thing that’s really important is that to get those ideas and every opportunity is a story opportunity, so to get people thinking about the content that could be represented by that business or organisation.

So, the key message is to creating a content culture for your organisation, and that’s not something that will happen overnight.  It takes a little bit of time, but it’s a mindset and an attitude more than anything.

And the second one is to be up skilling your people, and don’t expect them to understand what a good story is, et cetera, that’s something that will become part of your culture. But up-skill them in terms of how to use the smart phone or an iPad, how to frame a shot, angles. What’s better for a photo than a video.

So, some small little tips, things. Maybe there’s an internal resource that’s created that helps them, and maybe you get experts to come in to teach people or to create education modules that can be shared online across your organisation.

So, a couple of things, create a content culture in your organisation, and second one, up-skill your people.


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