Are you a corporate chest-beater?

One of the key tenets of content marketing is to put your audience first and create content that’s of interest and relevance to them. 

This is well-established best practice that has been reinforced time and time again by genuine experts the world over.

There is no shortage of case studies that demonstrate the benefits to be gained from focusing on your audience and producing useful and relevant content specifically for them …

… versus incessantly banging on about how great your brand is.

Yet what do we continue to see day in and day out, ad nauseam? 

Lots and lots of corporate chest-beating.

It makes little sense.

Why dish up stuff no-one is interested in?

Now, I’m a pragmatic guy. 

The explosion of online channels is too tempting to entrepreneurs, marketers and PR folk. Simply, brands are not going to stop telling the world how great they are. 

So may I suggest a happy medium?

Of the content you create for your business, why not try keeping the promotional stuff down to 10-20% maximum?  Make more impact with less. 

If the bulk of your content is promotional in nature, people will either avoid your brand or block you altogether. However, insert your promotional material in and around your more interesting content that attracts an audience – now you’re talking!

It’s about having respect for your audience first and foremost. More about them, less about you.

Plus, if there are corporate stories and announcements you need to get out into the marketplace, why not try and make sure the content you produce has increasing degrees of editorial intent. In other words, try and find ways to make your corporate content more interesting for the intended audience. 

What’s your view on this topic?

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