What impact do you want to make with the content you produce?


You own a thriving business. Maybe you’re a marketer or PR person within a company or organisation. Or perhaps you’re a solo professional and the business you run revolves around your personal brand.  

It doesn’t matter.

Publishing original content that serves a particular audience can work effectively in all instances.

But to be effective, it needs to have some sort of an impact. And to do that, it needs to tick one or more boxes.

So I ask the question:  

Does the content you produce educate, inform, inspire or entertain people?

Does it empower people with knowledge, making them smarter and more informed?

Will it improve their lives if they act upon the information you provide … make them richer, happier, or more motivated, focused and productive?

Will your content provoke thought and challenge the way people think about a particular topic or issue?

Will it make them laugh or cry or get angry, or simply make them feel good about doing business with you, validating in their own mind you know what you’re talking about and can be trusted?

At the very least, will it address an informational need people have around your business, cause, issue or industry?

Just as important, does your content influence a desired outcome such as change people’s perceptions of your brand, or perhaps enhance purchase consideration for the products and services you provide?

This will come down to your goals and what you’re trying to achieve of course, but a content-driven approach to an organisation’s communications certainly does need to be thought out strategically otherwise you’ll end up producing a lot of stuff but potentially not ‘move the needle’ in any way.

Think about the impact you want to have in the marketplace, and then lock it back to what you’re trying to achieve.

Then, and only then, will you start getting value from this thing we call content marketing.


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