The business of storytelling with Siobhan Doran, founder of Thread Publishing

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Content can become the catalyst for deeper conversations within an organisation, says Siobhan Doran, former journalist and founder of Sydney’s Thread Publishing.

Siobhan, who is also wears the hat of executive director of Conscious Capitalism Australia, says people whose role has traditionally been around the creation of content are today often being brought into deeper conversations around a company’s broader purpose, and the communication of that purpose.

“Our role is as much around culture building and internal engagement as it is about content,” she says.

I like Siobhan’s ‘head and heart’ philosophy around corporate storytelling, content creation and brand journalism (call it what you will).

In this chat with Siobhan recorded via Skype, we chat about:

  • when it comes to content, budgets are limited and efficiency matters;
  • why it’s important for an organisation to tell its stories in a human way;
  • hitting the ‘sweet spot’ between content marketing for PR, and content for inbound marketing;
  • storytelling from an inbound marketing perspective that takes the reader on a journey (Siobhan gives Cochlear as an example);
  • the X factor that brings stories to life and resonate with people (and therefore get traction in terms of audience engagement);
  • the efficiency of having a trained journalist interview an organisation’s leaders and internal experts (and why this is the best way to get to the heart of brand and all it stands for);
  • repurposing content – record interviews of people within the enterprise, write stories from those interviews and then edit into bite-sized videos (what you end up with is a “content library” – snippets of video, raw footage, transcripts including quotes that can be used in other communications down the track e.g. an annual report) – in other words, slicing and dicing the conversation you have with internal experts, knowledge leaders and members of the C-suite and then re-using that content ongoing.

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