117 How to fast-track your book with Ultimate 48-hour Author, Natasa Denman

Natasa Denman is known as the ‘Ultimate 48-Hour Author’.

After publishing her fifth book early in 2015, she now mentors entrepreneurs, business owners and professional experts to become published authors and authorities in their field of endeavour.

Natasa, who studied psychology before moving into the optical industry, has developed the ‘Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint’, which helps busy professionals to get their book completed within just 48 hours; her program is popular with aspiring thought leaders who are looking to influence their market and explode their credibility and public standing.

In this episode of Reputation Revolution, Natasa discusses why it’s important for aspiring thought leaders to have a book under their belt; why book writing is not about perfection but progress, and why she gets her students to sell their book before ‘putting pen to paper’.

She also provides examples of professional experts-turned-authors she has helped through her ’48-Hour’ program.

A book is a licence for confidence, Natasa says.


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