116 Educating your market profitably with Sarah Cordiner

As a qualified professional in education and curriculum design, Sarah Cordiner’s passion is helping individuals and businesses to create their own engaging, transformational and profitable training courses.

Sarah is a best-selling author, qualified trainer, professional speaker and respected consultant in ‘edupreneurship’, workforce development, curriculum development, instructional design, education and training, online learning and virtual reality education.

In this episode of Reputation Revolution, Sarah discusses how the online education revolution that is upon us provides massive opportunities for professional experts and aspiring thought leaders.

Sarah explains how she built her personal brand through public speaking, and how ‘Brand Sarah’ now operates alongside her four-year-old education services business, Main Training.

Sarah shares how her business came crashing down several years back when the Australian Government unexpectedly pulled funding from vocational training; this became the catalyst for Sarah and her team to focus on online training for the international market. Today, some 5000 students from 121 countries are currently going through her online training courses.

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