115 The lowdown on Snapchat with digital storyteller, Suzanne Nguyen

Suzanne Nguyen – aka ‘String Story’ – is a curious geek of the future. Her schtick is ‘connecting dots’; she’s a digital storyteller, interactive broadcaster, technology educator and emerging thought leader around video-live streaming and Snapchat in particular.

Suzanne first made a name for herself using the video live-streaming app Meerkat, where she built a following of 40,000; Meerkat has since ditched the live-streaming model, but Suzanne was quick to realise the potential of Snapchat and has since grown her presence considerably on that platform.

Suzanne describes Snapchat as “an interactive TV in your pocket”.

In this episode of Reputation Revolution, Suzanne explains how Snapchat works and why it’s such a powerful medium for professional experts; she also provides tips and tactics on how to more effectively build your personal presence on the platform.

However, while Snapchat dominates the conversation, Suzanne – who consults to brands and runs workshops – also discusses the importance of being flexible in a personal branding sense – particularly in the technology arena which shifts rapidly – and explains why teaching others is a powerful way to master a subject matter.

She says “…by being a curious geek means I’m not stuck in one thing per se”.

Suzanne rounds out the conversation by discussing how she uses social channels other than Snapchat to build her brand and grow familiarity with an audience, including Twitter, Medium and Facebook.


Follow Suzanne on Twitter – @StringStory

Add Suzanne on Snapchat

Check out Suzanne’s website – www.stringstory.co

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