109 Email marketing for thought leaders with Michelle Falzon, founder of We Are Content

Michelle Falzon is the founder of We Are Content, a specialty content marketing consultancy that delivers strategic, content-centric digital conversion funnels for thought leaders such as speakers, authors, consultants and coaches as well as for business owners looking to position themselves as experts in their industries.

Michelle’s marketing campaigns and strategies have involved the sending of well in excess of 100 million emails and the production of more than 100 digital marketing funnels, attracting more than 50,000 people to live events and tens of thousands more into webinars, ebook signups and online courses, generating more than $40 million in revenue, for a variety of industries from IT, finance and property through to personal development, management consulting, hospitality and more.

In this episode of Reputation Revolution, Michelle debunks the myth that email is passé; indeed, she provides a compelling argument why email should form the centrepiece of a thought leader’s business marketing efforts:

Email is “the ace in the hole”, she says.

Michelle outlines her ‘marketing mountain’ framework, discusses why your email subscriber list is a digital marketing asset that needs to be respected, and explains the reasoning behind her ‘no content without conversion’ mantra.

Connect with Michelle via her website (http://wearecontent.com.au/) or on Twitter – https://twitter.com/michelle_falzon – or Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/yeswearecontent

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