Tips for creating content that engages people (new research)


The more information-dense the online world becomes, the harder it is to cut through the noise and resonate with the right people – i.e. those that fit your designated target audience communities.

The infographic below – put together by Adobe in conjunction with research firm Edelman Berland – provides insights into key aspects of what is important to consumers when it comes to the content they consume.

Some of the statistics are unsurprising i.e. on average 83 per cent of global consumers report they multiscreen, using 2.23 devices. Or this: Nearly nine out of 10 respondents said they would switch devices or stop viewing altogether if content failed to meet their expectations, while 67 per cent said they would stop engaging with content if it was too long.

(Regarding the latter point, be aware though long-form content is growing in popularity and can be used effectively in tandem with short-form content; counter-intuitive, but trend research suggests this is indeed the case and thus provide companies and organisations with excellent opportunities to differentiate their published offerings from the plethora of ‘snackable’ BuzzFeed-like content).

One statistic from the Adobe research however that did catch my eye was this: 29 per cent of respondents said they believed entertaining content was more important than content that was accurate (this figure jumps to 42 per cent in France)!

Meanwhile, other statistics simply confirm pretty much what we already know e.g. 65 per cent of people are more likely to share content when it comes from a source they’re close to i.e. family member or friend; this figure drops to 36 per cent for work colleagues. These statistics, of course, underscore the need for brands to build trusted relationships with the public – the more they can get people to know, like and trust them – and to share the content the produce – potentially the more effectively they’ll cut through the information clutter with their story and their message.

content engagement infographic


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