257 PR, social media and content marketing predictions for 2016 (plus a ‘best practice’ Blab!)

pr and marketing predictions 2016

This week I had the pleasure of being part of David Bain‘s marathon Blab session: Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016 from 54 Different Experts.

David, who runs the excellent Digital Marketing Radio (“Weekly interviews with online marketing gurus.”), assembled 54 experts from across the globe who one after the after riffed on their 2016 predictions for all things digital, social media and content marketing. What did they see coming up over the horizon? What are the trends we should be looking out for?

Needless to say, the broadcast was a veritable potpourri of ideas, concepts, insights, perspectives and views based on each individual’s pocket of knowledge and expertise across social, content and digital marketing. Well worth checking out!

You can view the Blab session below or go to David’s website where he has included links to all the interviewees involved; alternatively, you can listen via David’s podcast (accessible on iTunes).

On a side note, David’s epic interview session highlighted the power of Blab as a socially-driven content marketing platform.

The fact he could interview 54 global specialists and broadcast live from his home, for free, is testament to how far social communications technology has come; that anyone with an web-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop) could access the broadcast – in real time, wherever they happened to be – still blows me away. Oh, and did I mention Blab allows participants to engage with the speakers (and each other) via a chat bar on the right, as well as tweet directly from the platform?

(I’ve written more about Blab here).

If 54 predictions are not enough for you, here are a few more 🙂


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