It’s what you DON’T do with your company blog that speaks volumes about your business

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How many times do you see it – you’re on a company’s website and while you’re there, you check out their blog.

Ugh!  It looks like an untended garden, unkempt and weed infested.

It’s got maybe a handful of self-serving articles – anywhere between three and seven would be my guesstimation ; the blog posts rarely feature a decent image or photograph, and most likely the author is someone who goes by the weird name ‘admin’.

Oh, and the author avatar used sometimes looks something like this:




Yuh! Nameless AND faceless!



What are some of the things we think when we see a blog like that?

  • The company can’t follow through on a project.
  • They haven’t got anything to say – no insights, no observations, no incisive opinions on what’s happening in their profession or industry.
  • Or worse, they’ve run out of things to say! What, that’s the extent of it?

I can keep going. The above scenario also shows:

  • You’re a hoarder of information, not a generous or giving business by any means.
  • Your company lacks vision and passion; it truly doesn’t want to be out there helping people with information that’s useful and relevant to them.
  • You have employees who are bereft of ideas and/or aren’t really interested in furthering conversation or debate around topics and issues relevant to the field in which you operate.
  • Or worse, you have a muzzle on your people and don’t allow them to express their views on a public online forum.

While not having a blog says a lot about your business (for instance, the immediate four points above), having one but letting it go can be just as bad, if not more so, from the perspective of a potential client or customer (or influencer such as a journalist or blogger).

The answer for companies, of course, is to establish a blog or content hub as the anchor of a broader social media and content marketing strategy, and then keep it up-to-date, brimming with ideas and interesting content (text-base articles, video, audio-on-demand, charts, illustrations, infographics etc) that add value to the lives of your customers and educates and empowers them with information relevant to your business and expertise.


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