077 How to grow your personal influence through podcasting with Ronsley Vaz, Bond Appetit

Ronsley Vaz’s podcast, Bond Appetit, has generated 1.2 million downloads in 15 months. He built momentum quickly for the podcast, publishing three episodes a week for the first 12 months.

The podcast is still going strong today, having helped position Ronsley and his personal chef services business of the same name. But there is a side project taking up a bit of Ronsley’s time currently – it’s called ‘We Are Podcast’, and it’s Australia’s first podcasting summit, to be held on the Gold Coast on November 7-8, 2015.

Ronsley’s vision is to unite people over food and ideas. He’s big on the power of human connection to create movements around an idea, and sees podcasting as a fantastic way to build your personal platform and influence.

In this wide-ranging chat with Trevor Young, Ronsley discusses how he continues to move sideways, not upwards; how reputation precedes the conversation you have with people, the importance of the leaving a meaningful digital imprint on the plant, and the many different ways you can repurpose audio content.


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