The power of truth and realism in content marketing and communications

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Today more than ever we have to tell stories if we want our message to cut through the noise and resonate with its intended audience.

Or so we’re told over and over again as if it’s something new. The truth is, storytelling has always been an important element of growing and succeeding in our business or community endeavours. It’s just now we have many, many more channels to tell our stories to the world, unfiltered by journalists and editors.

Of course, the fact we can all easily create content today using powerful online publishing platforms also means a lot of what’s produced by companies and organisations is crafted within an inch of its life, full of key messages polished by committees of well-meaning but ultimately interfering executives. The result tends to be dross, content that’s often brand-centric and/or blander than a whitewashed brick wall.

Truth and realism in content marketing

Former journalist turned digital branding strategist Christoph Trappe (pictured) is passionate about what he calls ‘authentic storytelling’.

christoph trappeHe runs The Authentic Storytelling Project which encourages truth and realism in content marketing and communications; indeed the Internet Marketing Association, at its global conference in Las Vegas just the other day, named Christoph the top global Internet marketer of the year for his pursuit of authentic storytelling by organisations and brands launching and continuing content marketing programs.

So what exactly is authentic storytelling?

Christoph says authentic storytelling is about sharing content that people make time for – even when they are busy.

But perhaps just as telling is to hear him talk about what inauthentic storytelling is: “…if you share something that you don’t even believe yourself … you’re just kinda making it up … “.

What’s more important, he says, is that you live your story rather than simply make it up.

Want more?

In the audio interview below, Christoph discusses authentic storytelling in greater depth and explains why it’s so powerful to have a unique viewpoint and be able to tell meaningful stories.

Our discussion takes in blogging, Twitter, Periscope and the new live streaming platform, Blab, as well as public speaking and Content Marketing World.

Connect with Christoph on Twitter (@ctrappe) or via his Authentic Storytelling website.


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