How infographics can be used to tell your brand story (Canva example)

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Infographics have been around the social (media) scene for a while now. While many brands have used the visual mechanic effectively, like any content medium it’s more often used and abused simply because it sounded like a good idea at the time.

So in the interests of highlighting quality of execution, here’s a great example of a startup company – Sydney-based graphic design app Canva – using an infographic to tell its story to date (see below).

It’s heavy on numbers, and that’s a good thing. Infographics work best when they bring data to life (or in the case of a complex topic, they use data to simplify things).

I also like how they used the occasion of hitting two million users as the reason to go out with an infographic.

Why is this infographic effective?

Mainly because it tells the Canva story in simple and easy-to-understand linear fashion. With just a casual glance we can get a great feel for what Canva is all about, plus the size and scope of their business. We see how quickly the business has grown, how active its users are, how dispersed its audience is, and what people are using the Canva app for.

Cleverly, Canva uses the infographic to hat-tip its community and in doing so, shows how much love people have for the brand.

Naturally, you’d expect effective content from a socially savvy brand such as Canva.

Take a look at the company’s blog and social channels – Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – plus their free online ‘Design School’ that features 30 modules covering the basics of graphic design.

These guys understand how to market in today’s consumer-empowered, hyper-connected world – that’s why their business is not only going through the roof but also how they managed to secure Silicon Valley legend Guy Kawasaki as the brand’s chief evangelist.




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1 thought on “How infographics can be used to tell your brand story (Canva example)”

  1. I’m in love with infographics, if done right they are just so appealing and powerful.
    I found a nice little treasure trove of them over at reddit,, people also post links to that subreddit with sites that collect nothing but infographics. i’ll also see a few pop up at the dataisbeautiful subreddit.

    You can also find them on twitter, #infographics or #infographic – it’s where I found this one.

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