My interview for Canberra’s Small Biz Intelligence Network

I recently delivered a presentation for the Small Biz Intelligence (SBI) business network in Canberra.

SBI focuses on “educating the entrepreneur” and business owner. It offers professional connections with like-minded business owners who are life-long learners and want to grow their businesses through learning and instigating business opportunities.

Here is an interview I recorded for SBI on the day. In it I cover:  

  • Finding your voice through blogging.
  • Writing versus video versus audio.
  • What advice I would give myself if I was starting out today.
  • Why you don’t need to be on every social channel.
  • What are the best platforms for connecting with people online.
  • Who I follow on social media to keep up with marketing trends.
  • My predictions for the future of social media.
  • The one thing that has made a difference in my business.

Trevor Young (PR Warrior) Interview from Small Biz Intelligence on Vimeo. 

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