How entrepreneur Valerie Khoo leverages the power of social media and content marketing to build her brand and her business

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Valerie Khoo (pictured) is an author, speaker and multi-passionate entrepreneur with several growing businesses under her belt.

She is a prolific content creator who has steadily built her public profile over a period of years by personally engaging with her online community not to mention adding value in the form of words (blog posts), audio (podcasting) and video (e.g. the 30-day video challenge ‘Vidtember‘).

I regard Valerie as one of the best content marketers in Australia.

Not only that, she also leverages social media brilliantly for her business – the Australian Writers’ Centre – as well as for her personal brand.

Getting the balance right between business brand and personal brand is difficult; indeed, it’s an issue many professionals entrepreneurs face, and grapple with. Another issue professionals face when it comes to ‘putting themselves out there’ on social media is managing one’s professional versus private self on social media.

valerie khoo personal brandingValerie says: “There’s a huge difference between personal, and personality.”

You don’t have to share details about your personal life. But it’s important to show elements of your personality (without necessarily showing elements that are controversial or are going to polarise people).

You’re fully in control, she says.

“I might share we’re having a cake at work but I don’t share the whole business strategy … once you have those boundaries or distinctions in place, then it becomes easy what to share and what not to.”

You don’t have to be on everything. 

When it comes to creating content, pick the one or two things you love doing most … “you’re going to employ it and you’re more likely to do it”.

You also need to understand that just creating your content is not enough, says Valerie.

You need to amplify it!

“When you connect with other people, they are more likely to share that stuff for you and cross-promote you if they’ve got some sort of relationship with you.”

If you’re unsure of what to create content-wise, take a course (or get somebody to review it).

“Don’t be afraid to ask people’s opinions on whether it (your content) has resonated with them or not.”

In this interview on the Reputation Revolution podcast, Valerie chats about:

  • her approach and use of social media and content marketing;
  • the power of podcasting, and why it’s an effective marketing tool;
  • how she manages to find the time to fit in all her social media and content creation commitments.

Cats, dogs and Bon Jovi also get mentioned (but weren’t hurt in the production of the podcast).

 * * * * * * * * * * *

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