030 How Sean Callanan built a reputation as a ‘go-to guy’ for all things sport and technology

Sean Callanan has gone from being a humble IT developer in suburban Melbourne to interviewing Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of NBA team, Dallas Mavericks, for his popular podcast.

Sean has built a growing business around his two passions, sport and technology; he’s also a professional speaker as well as producer and host of two high profile podcasts – ‘Sports Geek’ and ‘Beers Blokes & Business’. He’s asked regularly by the media to comment on issues associated with sport and technology, and lists some of Australia’s biggest sporting names as clients.

Creating and publishing online content and developing connections via social media have been instrumental in Sean’s growing international reputation, but perhaps his most successful marketing strategy has been to jump on a plane and visit industry contacts in the US and UK. It’s these relationships, reinforced face to face, that have had potentially the biggest impact on his career to date.

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