From unknown to expert with Catriona Pollard, founder of CP Communications



If you’re a business professional, change agent, coach, consultant or author – raising your profile and establishing your bona fides is all part of doing business today.

But with so many options to promote your personal brand and reinforce your credentials, it’s so easy to become bamboozled to the point where you end up doing nothing, only to remain in the metaphorical shadows, never to reach your full potential as a publicly-recognised thought leader.

Catriona Pollard is the founder of Sydney PR and social media agency CP Communications. Her new book – From Unknown to Expert – guides aspiring thought leaders along the journey of becoming known and recognised for their expertise.

In this episode of the REPUTATION REVOLUTION podcast, we chat about the core themes of From Unknown to Expert, and dissect the ‘5 Star System’ that’s detailed in the book. The five ‘stars’ are:

  1. Figuring out your why
  2. Setting the stage
  3. Turning on the spotlight
  4. Using the media to shine the light
  5. Owning the light

3DBook1Catriona tells her own story of how as a “natural introvert” she was initially reluctant to step into the spotlight herself (and the day she decided to stop saying “no” to profile-raising opportunities and embraced public speaking)

Catriona loves Twitter and LinkedIn, and is a massive fan of blogging.

“I think blogging is absolutely essential (for the aspiring thought leader)”.

She says her (Public Relations Sydney) blog has been instrumental in building her profile as an expert and thought leader, as well as helping land global clients for her PR firm.

But you don’t necessarily have to write a blog. “If you love video, start a YouTube channel,” she says.

Catriona also chats about how she went about writing and publishing her new book, and how it is essentially the catalyst for launching an online business.


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