From PI to #SocialFirefighter: How Nicole Matejic is building a unique personal brand in a highly specialised emerging global niche


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Nicole Matejic (aka the #SocialFirefighter) trained as a photojournalist, became a private investigator (which saw her “hanging out of trees’ as a surveillance operative), worked for Australia’s Customs and Border Protection Service and then in strategic communications for the Federal Government’s Defence Department. What a journey!

But now is where it starts getting really interesting:

Over the past four years Nicole’s been making a name for herself in the emerging area of social media in law enforcement and the military, and that’s what we chat about in this episode of the REPUTATION REVOLUTION podcast.

Learn how Nicole:

  • used Twitter to develop business relationships on a global basis;
  • generated new business leads via LinkedIn;
  • has developed ‘militarized’ language that resonates with her audience.  

Power to the blog!

Nicole  explains why her blog was the catalyst for where she is right now professionally (“If I hadn’t been blogging, none of my brand would have developed in the way it has.”) …

… and how NATO found and engaged her services via her blog and LinkedIn account (Nicole is a foundation instructor on NATO’s social media training course for their Allied Transformation Command).

About Nicole

Nicole is an early adopter of using social media as an information source for law enforcement purposes.

She has been in a unique position to transfer her knowledge and lead teams in fast-paced, issues rich environments, while her in-house Federal Government work spanning  aviation, policing, firearms, intelligence and corporate sectors provides her with an appreciation of the nuances of working with the media in high-stakes, risk-based environments.

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Nicole has two arms to her business:

  • Social Media Monstera social media strategy and crisis communications advisory firm for the corporate sector.
  • Info Opps HQwhich offers consulting services to military and law enforcement organisations to assist them in developing, implementing and measuring their social media Information Operations (Info Ops) activities.

Follow Nicole on Twitter – @InfoOpsHQ (for information operations/social media warefare tweets) and @socialmediamons for everything else (social media, marketing, comms, PR and the occasional Instagram selfie!).

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