Building a ‘sideline’ thought leadership positioning with The Physio Co’s Tristan White



Tristan White is well known in physiotherapy circles as an entrepreneur who has cornered a growing niche. His business – The Physio Co. – specialises in working with the elderly in aged care facilities. Or in the company’s own words: “The Physio Co helps oldies stay mobile, safe and happy”.

However, Tristan has a growing sideline business as a result of a thought leadership positioning he’s built over recent years: Workplace culture.

Flow-on effect

For the past five years The Physio Co has been listed by Business Review Weekly as being one of Australia’s “Best Places to Work”. The flow-on effect of this exposure – plus Tristan’s relentless blogging habit – particularly in the early years – has led to him building a reputation as an expert in workplace culture.

Tristan finds that the more personal he gets on his blog in terms of documenting his journey, the more popular the posts are.

He is also active on social media and tells the story about how he landed a major physiotherapy contract as a result of the client seeing his posts on LinkedIn (plus they checked out his corporate and personal websites and blog); they said “we know who you’re about and what you do … we’re ready to start working with you”. Not bad ROI right there!

“I can’t emphasise enough the authenticity part of what I do which has had the best results for me”, he says.

hwlj8r2yje5zzrt9iemlToday, in addition to running The Physio Co, Tristan is a speaker, mentor and coach specialising in staff motivation and building a positive workplace culture.

Apart from writing his blog, Tristan’s posts are syndicated to Smart Company, plus he gets inquiries every week or two to comment in the media or provide a guest post.

The Physio Co is growing some 40 per cent a year and in 2014 will deliver about 200,000 consultations to elderly folk in aged care facilities.

Meanwhile, Tristan continues his education  – for the past three years he’s spent a week in Boston attending MIT’s Entrepreneurial Masters Program.


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